About Apparent Ag

APPARENT Pty Ltd is owned by the Stewart family and managed by Myles Stewart who has been engaged in the crop protection and animal health business since 1992 following a successful career in commercial and development banking in both Australia and overseas. Myles is assisted by his two sons, Adam and Jason who are also directors of the company. Myles was born in Terang in Western Victoria, a region well known for dairy and wool, and therefore is very empathetic with the farming sector.

Our People

Myles Stewart, MBA (Melb), PDMS (Melb), BSc (Melb), BA(Mon)
Adam Stewart, LLB (Mon), GDLP (Collaw), BA [Hons] (Melb)
Jason Stewart, MAgrib (Melb), BA [Hons] (Mon)

Our Focus

The focus of APPARENT is to provide our customers with "value for money", that is, we strive to supply the highest quality product to our customers at a fair price. To achieve this focus, we have:

  • Formed a partnership with AIRR (a company with similar aspirations to ourselves) to establish the most efficient channel to market for our products;
  • Decided to remain to remain small, private and debt-free to minimise overheads and expedite decision-making. This also means we do not have to add high margins to pay for expensive overheads, shareholder dividend expectations and interest expense;
  • Formed strong bonds with our suppliers in China and India by means of long-term strategic supply agreements which ensure continuity of supply at competitive prices;
  • Out-sourced research and development to enhance the performance of generic crop protection and animal health products and to introduce "new generics" as soon as their patents expire;
  • Re-integrated crop protection and animal health because the same customer is engaged with both market segments;
  • Supplemented our crop protection and animal health product range with wool packs for sheep farmers.
  • Our Credo simply put, "The Choice is APPARENT"